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International Poster Presentations

  1. Popliteal fossa masses – a pictorial review.A. Shah, R. Botchu, S. L. J. James. ESSR, York, 2015.
  2. Lower limb swelling – a pictorial essay. A Shah, R Botchu.ESSR, York, 2015.
  3. The unilateral painful swollen lower leg: deep vein thrombosis mimics.A. Shah, R. Botchu, W. Adair, W. J. Rennie. ECR, Vienna , 2015.
  4. The patellofemoral joint- an underreported joint in MRI knee. A. Shah , R. Botchu. ECR, Vienna, 2015

  5. CT arthrography of the shoulder:  how “to do it”.A. Shah, R. Botchu, W. J. Rennie. ECR, Vienna, 2015.
  6. Medial canthal lesions- A pictorial review. Botchu R, Vaidyanath R. RSNA, 2010 and UKRC. June’10.Best paper in ESHNR, Brugge, 2011
  7. Imaging a patent with trismus- a pictorial review. Botchu R, Suresh-Babu S, Vaidyanath R. IRIA, Hyderabad, India 2012
  8. Pictorial Review of Multi Detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) features of vascular emergencies of abdomen. Botchu R, Retnasingham G, Burli P. IRIA, Hyderabad, India 2012
  9. Imaging of spleen- pictorial review.R. Botchu, B. Rao, R. Tyagi, Y. Griffin. ECR, Vienna, 2011.
  10. Can we predict fracture neck of femur in patients with fracture distal radius? Inaparthy PK, Botchu R, Ravikumar KJ. 7th Domestic meeting of European Hip Society, Antalya, Turkey, June‘06
  11. Double thurston-holland’ sign in the thumb ray. An unusual injury pattern. Botchu R, Anwar R, Saini S, Slater RNS. 7th European Trauma Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May’06. Abstract in European Journal of Trauma. April 2006: 3; Suppl 1:166
  12. Familial meckel’s diverticulum. Botchu R, Singh G, Schofield J, Jones P. Annual Meeting of International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology. Arlington USA, July’05
  13. Unusual mass in the stomach.Botchu R, Singh G, Chaganti S, Immidsetty M. Annual Meeting of International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology. Arlington USA, July’05
  14. Russell silver syndrome with perthes disease. Botchu R, Anwar R, Katchburian M. Presented in International Paediatric Orthopaedic Symposium (AAOS/POSNA), Florida, USA, Dec’04
  15. Treatment of congenital pseudoarthrosis of tibia by ilizarov method. Botchu R, Anwar R, Muralimohan K, Kalepu R K. Presented in International Paediatric Orthopaedic Symposium (AAOS/POSNA), Florida, USA, Dec’04
  16. Hand Schuller Christian Disease (Multifocal Langhans cell Histiocytosis) Botchu R, Palani B, Kalepu R K, Sudhakar G, Rafiq M G, Rao S.Presented in International Paediatric Orthopaedic Seminar, Madrid, Spain, Nov 2004
  17. Pathological fracture of Tibia with TKR – Technique of Nailing. Botchu R, Anwar.R, Pentala R, Kumar.R. Presented in Forty Seventh Annual Meeting of Rocky Mountain Traumatologic society Meeting, Colorado USA, Jan2005

National and Regional Presentations (Podium presentations) (*Speaker)

  1. Reliability study of carpal angle measurments as defined by International Wrist Investigator’s Workshop. (IWIW). *Botchu R, Rahaman R, Disini L, Toms AP. EARS, Norwich. Jun’08. UKRC Jun’09.
  2. Importing MRSA. *Botchu R, Gopalakrishnan N, Slater RNS. Southeast Orthopaedic Circuit meeting, Tunbridge Wells, Jan’06
  3. Comparison of Functional Outcome with Radiological Correction in Scarf Osteotomy. * J. Gaskin, N. Gopalakrishnan, R. Botchu, P. Inaparthy, M. Katchburian, K. Ravikumar Southeast Orthopedic Circuit Meeting, Maidstone, Sept’06

Poster Presentations

  1. Which Steroid? A survey of musculoskeletal radiologists. Shah A, Bharath A, Mak D, Botchu R, Davies AM, James SL. BSSR, Norwich, 2016
  2. Spinoglenoid notch– A relatively under images area in ultrasound. McGarry S, Shah A, James SL, Davies AM, Botchu R. BMUS, Cardiff, 2015.
  3. Value of Ultrasound Scan in Diagnosis of Appendicitis in Children. A N Khan, R Botchu, F Dickinson, A Ricketts. SRT Annual meeting, Oxford, July’09 and RCR audit meeting, London, Sept’09
  4. Fixation of lateral condyle non union of humerus. Inaparthy P, Botchu R, Gopalakrishnan N, Katchburian M. Southeast Orthopaedic Circuit Meeting, Tunbridge Wells. Jan’06
  5. Iatrogenic sciatic nerve palsy following complicated hemiarthroplasty. Anwar R, Ravikumar KJ, Botchu R. British Trauma Society, Manchester’04.
  6. Theatre footwear use outside theatres – is it a serious risk? N. Parmar, R Botchu, F Ahmad. 160th Annual Meeting of Society for General Microbiology. Manchester. March’07

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