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International Podium Presentations (* Speaker)

  1. Trochlea dysplasia- Correlation with notch index. Botchu R, Haron O, Rennie WJR. IRIA, Hyderabad, India. 2012
  2. Comparison of T1 DRIVE sequences versus fat- suppressed proton density-weighted sequences for evaluation of meniscal tears. Botchu R, Yanny S, McNally E. IRIA, Hyderabad, India, 2012
  3. Trochlea dysplasia- Association with cruciate injuries. Botchu R, Haron O, Rennie WJR. RSNA, Chicago 2011
  4. Reentry into true arterial lumen in subintimal angioplasty with Outback catheter- Our experience. Botchu R, Retnasingham G, Rothwell I, Thava R, Burli P. IRIA, Hyderabad, India, 2012
  5. IMV- A prognostic indicator in rectal tumours. R. Botchu, * K. Damodharan, A. Khan, B. Morgan, M. Elabassy. 20th Annual Meeting, ESGAR, Valencia, June’09 and abstract in EJR.
  6. Bilateral radial neck fractures in a child. R Botchu, * A Abbas, T Zaman. 15th European SICOT Trainee meeting. Prague, Sept’06
  7. Tuberculosis of Cervical spine – Resurgence in West London. A Abbas, R Botchu, E Saavedra. 15th European SICOT Trainee meeting. Prague, Sept’06
  8. Spontaneous fractures of lower limbs. Botchu R, *Gaskin J, Saini S, Murugesan M, Kasetti RK. 7th European Trauma Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May’06. Abstract in European Journal of Trauma. April 2006: 3;Suppl 1:107
  9. Urogenital injuries in traumatic fracture pelvis in a developing country. Cherukuri R, Botchu R, *Reddy VK, Anwar R, Ravikumar KJ. 93rd Annual Meeting of Clinical Orthopaedic Society, San Antonio , Texas, USA, Oct’05
  10. Management of giant cell tumour by Vyagreshwarudu technique. *Botchu R, Sarma P, Rao PK. Presented in SICOT Trainee Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, May’05

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